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Codevisionavr V3




Net Framework 4.0 and up. Contents Please note that this article was written for V3.2 of the AVR-GCC software development environment. This version is still under development and may have bugs, missing features or other unexpected behavior. 4.2 File Structure You can add the files and folders from the Zip archive to your Eclipse project and it will automatically be added to your project. A sample project structure can be found below. 4.3 Reading Board Images You can read the schematic (Board-A in the example) using the RDboard extension. This requires that the Board files (HV100.hv) are included in the project. You can now select the schematics and press Open to open them in the IDE. To open the schematics in the IDE press Open. To add the schematics to the schematic editor press Add. The schematic editor will automatically find the corresponding schematic files (HV100.hv). To add the symbols to the project press Open. The symbols will be added to the editor. 4.4 Overriding Firmware Code The C-Arduino (C-Cavium) library allows you to override firmware code with your own code. You can use it for testing purposes or as an initial step in an incremental development cycle. The C-Arduino library is designed to be used in C++ projects. It will create a new project for you and then remove any old files created by the Arduino IDE. You can select C-Cavium in the tools menu, then select Override Firmware Code. This will open the avr-gcc tool. The first thing that it will do is create a new project. The project will be removed from the project explorer but still be under version control. If you close the tool the files will be removed from the workspace and the project and workspace history will be cleaned up. You can then start another project using the C-Cavium tool or any other tool that is compatible with avr-gcc. Please note that this process does not update the firmware in the microcontroller itself, it only overrides the file in the IDE. The firmware will still be the same as it was when you started the project. The files created by the C-Cavium tool will have a.cpp extension and will use the C++ project format.





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Codevisionavr V3
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