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Top 10 Reasons to hire a Wedding Videographer

One common phrase we hear from post-brides and grooms is that their day flew past so quickly. You spend months preparing in anticipation for your big day and when it eventually comes, it’s the best day of your life, but it’s as if you blinked and it was done.

Ask anyone who’s hired a wedding videographer and we could pretty much guarantee they will say it’s well worth the money! Having the opportunity to watch your day over again is a prime reason engaged couples should consider working a videographer in to the budget.

However, we’ve compiled our top 10 reasons to hire a wedding videographer that hopefully assures you that capturing your memories on film is a great idea!

1. Missed that part… The day is all about YOU! Everyone you love is there to celebrate with you and you can’t possibly see everything that went on. Having your big day captured on film grants you the opportunity to watch it back and see some parts you missed, including the fine details of your day – the flowers, cufflinks, details of the dress, guests interacting… the list goes on.

2. Re-Live it! Video appeals to the senses and is sure to bring back the feels you experienced on the day. Getting to hear back your vows, that funny part of the best man’s speech, your first dance... Many brides and grooms who DIDN’T get a videographer say they wish they did and would recommend it for engaged couples. Your wedding day happens once but you can re-live those moments over and over again with video. 3. Back to the Future! Remember when Marty got to meet his parents from 30 years ago? No? Only me that saw that movie? Anyway… it’s not exactly that but your kids (or future kids) can watch the day back and get to see how you looked and how young Gran and Grandpa used to be! 4. Authentic Moments Wedding videography is all about capturing those real, authentic moments that tell the story of your day. That little smile between you both, the single happy tear wiped away, father of the bride seeing his daughter dressed up – these moments will be forever sentimental. 5. Special Messages One of the best things about hiring a videographer is that your guests can record a short message to you both on camera. ‘Nuf said! 6. Like, Comment & Share As well as having a documentary edit you will be given a ‘highlights’ reel that you can show your friends on social media and to those folks unable to make your day. 7. £££ Weddings are an expensive game, let’s call it as it is… but hiring a videographer might be cheaper than you think. Most videographers will have packages to suit your budget. It’s well worth the conversation to see how you can fit it in. 8. Those parts that photos just can’t get Your vows, the speeches, your first dance… those peak emotional points where your photographer will capture lovely stills, but nothing beats hearing and watching those parts again that you will never be able to see and hear again otherwise. 9. YOU are the star of the movie! Wedding videos have changed – it’s no longer your 90’s-handy-cam, zoom-in-and-out, cut-half-way-through-a-shot, camera-point-to-the-floor style you get. Wedding ‘cinematography’ turns your day in to a cinematic looking movie that tells the story of the biggest day of your life, soundtrack and all! 10. Continue the conversation There’s plenty to talk about after the big day – the dress, the ceremony, the band… having a video to go alongside all that gives plenty of talking points about the big day.

Alright, we’re pretty biased, we think hiring a videographer is a great idea… but only because this list is not exclusive… there’s plenty more reasons. But if you’re on the fence or wondering if you can even fit it in to the budget, we’d say seriously consider it. We’ve never met anyone who’s hired a wedding videographer and regretted it. Whether it’s us at Limelight Media (and we hope it is), or some other company, there’s plenty of options to consider. Hopefully this short blog has given you some food for thought. Happy wedding planning!

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