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Limelight: Kids

Arranging to get that sought after picture of your little one understandably can be stressful and expensive. Therefore we started Limelight Kids. Limelight Kids is a stress-free experience where we can either come to your home and conduct a home photo shoot with your little one(s) or you can book a session at our studio. 

For home shoots, you will have the comfort of your own home to prepare your kid(s) for getting some photos taken. We simply show up with our portable studio and conduct a half hour photoshoot and send the images to you within 1 week. 

Or perhaps it's easier to come to our studio located in Irvine? Either way, we aim to create a stress-free experience by guaranteeing patience and good energy throughout with high quality pictures that won't break the bank. 

Interested? Then click here to Book a Shoot. See some of our images below to get an idea of what you can achieve in a home shoot. 

Book a Shoot
Book a shoot

Are you interested in booking a home shoot with us? Please fill out the form to the right and we will contact you to arrange a date. 

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